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Preservative treatments
and Aesthetic dentistry

Fissure sealing

Fissure sealing is a preventive treatment which involves injecting liquid sealant in the fissures of the teeth to prevent caries from further development. The fissure sealing material effectively protects the tooth from caries for 2-3 years and continuously releases fluoride, which strengthens the tooth.

Light cure dental fillings

These are tooth-coloured light-curing composite material fillings. Amalgam fillings used to be done often at formerly preservative dentistry but nowadays not at all or very rarely used. It is often recommended for dentists to replace these fillings for aesthetic and health reasons. The most common solution for this is composite or white filling. After removal of the amalgam, a light-curing composite material is applied to the cavity. As the material solidifies, a new white filling is made.

Golden inlay

Golden inlay is the best, safest and oldest type of filling and it also lasts the longest. Its disadvantage is the aesthetic effect.

Ceramic inlay and composite inlay

Tooth-coloured restoration providing the most aesthetic effect. Modern-day dentistry – such as Rosengarten Weiss Dental – is increasingly using ceramic “fillings”, known as Inlays or Onlays. These are laboratory-made ceramic dentures that fit perfectly into the pre-formed cavity. Aesthetically and qualitatively, it is a better choice than traditional aesthetic filling.

Root canal treatment

Another major area of dental retention or conservation dental treatment is root canal treatment. The only possible way to save an inflamed tooth is to do root canal treatment. This treatment is very complex and often involves a challenge for a specialist. If the inflammation has been eliminated during the treatment and the tooth is completely free of complaint, biocompatible root filling material goes into the cleaned root canal. During the treatment, the “taken” tooth material is replaced with a composite filling, Inlay or crown.

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