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Periodontosis is the name of the chronic disease of the Parodontium. Through this disease the gums recede, the bones attenuate, the teeth loosen in the Parodontium so we could lose our teeth.

After making a dental X-Ray, we can see how deep the tooth is sitting in the bone. Normally, the alveolar bone level is at the level of the cervical margin. Due to the periodontal disease, the bone level reaches only the root apex, which means that only half or one third of the tooth sits in the bone.

Periodontosis is an inflammatory disease that may have a genetic background. As with all inflammatory diseases, bacteria play a major role here. There are many bacteria in the mouth. During tooth care, plaque and deposits are removed from the upper surface of the tooth, but if not thoroughly cleaned, tartar formation begins. These formed tartar can no longer be removed at home. Professional tartar removal means that a specialist, a Dental Hygienist or a Periodontist, will use specialized tools and methods to remove these tartar deposits from the teeth and under the gums. It not only cleans the surface of the teeth but also polishes them.

All patients with paradontopathy need regular treatment.

They need to learn how to care for your teeth and how to use dental floss and brushes properly. Without the patient’s cooperation, the success of the most well-prepared and well-designed treatment process cannot be guaranteed. The neglect of the bacteria between the gums and the teeth makes the acute disease chronic, forming deep pockets in the gums that are no longer accessible with toothbrushes. Chronic inflammation causes bone loss, which if not treated properly can turn into a “vicious circle”. In these cases, professional tartar removal will no longer provide adequate help. However, the treatment begins with an oral hygiene treatment that also applies to the gums, removing some of the bacteria in the pockets. This is followed by a special surgery to save the affected teeth. The operation is a “curette“, which has two types: a closed curette and an open one, which is done by cutting the tissue.
Chronische Zahnschmerzen - Parodontologie in Ungarn, Sopron

We will provide you with proper treatment

Which method is used is always determined by the patient’s condition. The essence of the treatment is to remove any bags, bacteria, plaque that do not belong to the parodontium. This allows the body to fight the inflammation.

Signs of healing include cessation of bleeding, pink gum around the teeth, and up to 3mm bags around the teeth. It cannot be emphasized enough that without proper dental care we are incapable of periodontal disease. As a patient, you should be aware that this treatment will not last from today to tomorrow. As a result, at the first meeting, we cannot make an accurate treatment plan, maybe there are teeth that need to be removed immediately due to inflammation, some that are questionable and some that can be rescued by periodontal treatment. After finding out which teeth are available, a treatment and budget plan can also be drawn up. Periodontosis is a condition. You may not feel any pain or discomfort, but the bacteria is present. When left untreated, this condition enters an acute phase that causes gingival bleeding, pain and inflammation. We can only prevent this with your help and cooperation.

The Rosengarten Weiss Dental Team has been joined by a qualified periodontal colleague who is looking forward to welcoming existing and new patients!

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