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Our Dental technical laboratory

The technologies applied comply with the dental standards of Western Europe. Our colleagues participate in training courses in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Our professional background is provided by BEGO, VITA and WIELAND.

Milling, galvanic, implants and non-metallic technologies play a pivotal role in our work (e.g.: combined and telescopic anchorages, aesthetic crowns and inlays, zirconium or aluminium oxide prosthetics and various implant systems).

Our laboratory has been developed to ensure working to the highest standards. Our aim is to provide top level services. Our technologies meet the Western-European standards for dental technology. Among our works high importance is attached to the milling, galvanic, implant and metal-free technologies.
Our team members have many years of experience, they attend lots of courses in foreign countries and in Hungary to ensure their professional development. We focus on well-organised team work, direct contact and personal consultation with the dentists and the patients, alike.

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