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All on 4
fixed replacement

What is All-on-4?

A fixed replacement based on 4 implants, for which you do not have to wait months.
The tooth extraction and implantation take place during one treatment, and our patient receives the temporary bridge the very next day, so there is no need to wait months for the healing time without teeth or with removable restorations. The healing time in this case is at least three months, after which we prepare the final ceramic restoration.

What are the advantages?

instead of a removable prosthesis for 4 implants (like e.g. braces), for next day first temporary fixed bridge is made, after the healing period our patient gets the final ceramic fixed bridge
easy to get used to

the bridge is fixed with screws instead of glue, so it can be easily removed at any time (e.g. in case of repairs)

the healing time is shortened, the duration of the treatment is a maximum of 3-4 months
bridge is stable, strong, comfortable and you don’t have to worry about falling out while eating or talking
All-on-4 fixed replacement

Who do we recommend?

Although it has strict criteria due to the size and position of the implant, it can be a great solution for our older patients, periodontal patients, and those for whom bone replacement is not needed. In some cases, 6 implants can be recommended.


Course of treatment:

Based on the panoramic X-ray and the CT scan, the treating doctor and oral surgeon examines whether a given patient’s jaw is suitable for the All on 4 treatment. If so, the first step of treatment is an impression, followed by tooth extraction (if necessary) and implantation. Implants placed at a special angle are loaded the next day and the our patient receives his temporary, fixed replacement, a 12-member plastic bridge. This temporary bridge can be worn safely throughout the healing period. After the healing period, the final ceramic bridge will be handed over.

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