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When our clinic was founded in 2001, we set a target of not less than representing high professional standards, fulfilling the patient’s highest expectations. We offer complex dental treatments, which provides personalized care for everyone.

We are waiting for our clients with five consulting rooms equipped with the most modern technology. The comfort of our guests is guaranteed with pleasant environment and helpful staff whether you are before or after the intervention.
It is important for us to give the possibility to provide a complete dental rehabilitation for both the teeth and the jaw status and chewing capacity being restored. The aesthetic aspects should always be kept in mind, which could increase the patient’s self-confidence and improve the quality of life significantly.
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Dental Treatments

First consultation and treatment plan in Rosengarten Dental
Professional Oral Hygiene and Bleaching in Hungary
Preservative Treatments and Aesthetic Dentistry in Hungary, Sopron
Periodontology in Rosengarten Weiss Dental
Prosthetic treatments in Hungary, Sopron
Dental implants in Rosengarten Weiss Dental

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Feedback from our patients

„Doctor Varga is a very good surgeon, besides he works fast, too. I didn't feel any pain during implantation.“

F. Gabriele from Italy

„Doctor Domonkos is always kind, she keeps always smiling. She is very patient. I recommend her to everyone.”


„Doctor Bóka is very accurate, curettage was completely painless.”

Gerhard L. from Vienna

“I was very afraid of the injection. The doctor reassured me that it wouldn't hurt and really I didn't feel anything. Dr. Biczó was very kind and patient and she informed me about every step during the treatment. I recommend she to everyone, I will never go to another dentist again. Many greetings from Switzerland.”

C. Meyer

Rosengarten Weiss Dental Clinic in Hungary

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